The Internet of Things (IoT) is already existing and will still grow rapidly: Cisco Systems predicts about 50 billion connected products worldwide until 2020. In the near future, everything will be connected with the internet. In the last years, the internet has been established indisputable as the general, central worldwide communication platform which does not only imbue all areas of daily life, but also the economy.

The networking of the real world with the virtual world is currently the central concept for all economically relevant major topics such as Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things or Smart Mobility. Now already, customers from many different disciplines can quickly fid electronic devices and IT products of the ever-growing market of the Internet of Things.

However, the actors of the Internet of Things (IoT) have to face some challenges. These include, in particular, the catchwords of security, interoperability and resource constraints. IoT solutions operate in harsh and unreliable environments. Now, it is about to prove the components

  • functionality
  • interoperability
  • robustness
  • safety
  • trustworthiness

of the technologies and to improve the quality of IoT solutions.

The quality of IoT devices and infrastructure must be checked in different environments. It is now time for testing! In particular, the criterion of safety is often a key issue.

We develop and offer advanced test strategies, test automation solutions as well as equipment for individual test runs and interop events – open to all interested parties. You are cordially invited to get to know our IoT Testware and the knowledge gained in the testlab!

You may find latest information about the project status from the publication (in german only) https://www.digitale-technologien.de/DT/Redaktion/DE/Downloads/Publikation/SSW_Interviews-Testautomatisierung.html