IoT-T considers and contributes to international working groups within alliances and standardization:

  • oneM2M
  • ETSI

Please find below a selection of information resources:

IoT international standardization

Several working groups within official and ad-hoc standardization fora have already contributed to harmonize IoT terminologies, concepts and reference models. The following list includes groups which are distributing some of their document free for public access and usage:

In addition some international groups work on IoT standardization but some main resulting documents are not free and need to be purchased:

An overview on IoT standardization has been collected by the ETSI TC SmartM2M (STF505) in their document on IoT Standards landscape and future evolution. Furthermore there is a report available about IoT LSP use cases and standards gaps. There is an additional report on IoT LSP Standard Framework provided by AIOTI WG3.

In order to standardize test specifications IoT-T project partner have initiated the new ETSI TC MTS working group TST (flyer). Please contact  for further details and information how to join the group.

IoT reference models

Different standardization groups worked on reference models for IoT architectures. A starting point for readers has been provided by the AIOTI WG3 who provided a High Level Architecture (HLA) that has been related to reference models from other standardization groups. The report includes a detailed comparison of the HLA to

In addition the following documents provide related work:

IoT terminology and definitions

Basic terms and definitions are given with the reference models listed before. Further draft initial definitions are provided by ISO/IEC: