Partners and Sponsors

Partners and Sponsors

The project team consitsts of five partners who will contribute to the IoT-T project from different background and expertise: reseachers, users, test experts and certifiers. Fraunhofer FOKUS, Fraunhofer IPK, Audi AG, DEKRA and the relayr GmbH do support the project with their specific competences. It has been planed to include external partners at a later stage to extend the exploitation of project results after the project end. The project got a funding for two years by the the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), it is supported by the German Aerospace Center (DLR).


For Audi AG, the application of IoT solutions is an essential instrument for implementing innovative and individualized vehicle systems in the automotive domain. Audi requires a thorough and harmonized shopfloor system, which operates through secured communication and efficient data aggregation technologies and is also cost-effective which is an enormous challenge. With the help of the IoT testlab, these development times could be drastically reduced so that new equipment or standards (for example, from the IT Security Act) can be proactively integrated into the existing system.

The project aims to test innovative processes and technologies for the selection, implementation and maintenance of IoT solutions in the area of the newly developed modular Shopfloor-IT.

Based on this application scenario, requirements and evaluation criteria are defined for the IoT testware. AUDI hopes, in particular, to support features such as security, scalability and reliability through the IoT testware.

dekra-logoBy testing and certifying, DEKRA stands for quality assurance and standardization. The aim is to ensure safety in all areas of life: at home, at work and on the street.

DEKRA plays a special role in monitoring the quality of IoT-Testlab and IoT-Testware. Finally, the quality is to be applied in certification as well as in the safety assessment. DEKRA plays the role of the auditor and certifier in IoT. Laboratories are used together with the IoT testware to perform tests. In addition, counseling and training are offered.


Relayr is a fast-growing start-up and has a horizontal middleware approach which means a specialization in connecting end-to-end solutions in different environments and verticals. The interoperable relayr platform allows the connection of existing systems with newly installed systems. In addition, the business segments of relayr are cloud computing, data preparation (data harmonization), the integration of different endpoints, communication protocols and transmission (connectivity).

Relayr sees a challenge in the use of various protocols and transmission possibilities. The very different solutions to date, non-existing standards and approaches usually lead to the braking of innovation. The high requirements and risks to the IoT Testware developed in this subproject are due to the large number of protocols and technologies as well as the consideration of aspects such as quality, reliability, scalability and safety (functional safety as well as such of information).


Fraunhofer FOKUS is a neutral research facility, which develops and researches as such solutions for digital networking. The main focus is on application-oriented, specialized technologies. The vision of the institute can be explained by the participation of digital transformation, especially in the areas of telecommunications, public IT, public security, automotive and media: We want to actively shape the networked world and make it safe, reliable, scalable and trustworthy!

In this context, FOKUS expertise has been based on open source software and standardized languages, which are not restricted in their use, especially in information and communication technology, but also in test and analysis techniques. The SQC (Quality Engineering) business unit is a world leader in model-based design, integration and quality assurance of novel solutions for networked ICT-based systems. Software development, testing and quality assurance of business and safety critical systems are daily tasks.

ipk_bigFraunhofer IPK is characterized by its expertise in virtual product design, production systems and quality management. Key industries are machine tool and plant engineering, the automotive and supplier industries, electrical and energy engineering, aerospace engineering and also mechanical engineering.

The researchers have the task to ensure that the methodology remains up-to-date and that new technologies are integrated. In addition, efficiency and applicability are to be ensured. IPK directs the request analysis to the IoT testlab and the IoT Testware.